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Start now the driver training to your taste. Insurance costs included. No subscriptions with binding. The meeting point for the driving school Zug is usually at the train station Zug. For driving lessons of 75 minutes or more, we are happy to pick you up for driving school in the Zug area. If you want to go through the driving school intensively, you can book your appointments up to one month in advance. If you should be prevented for one day, that doesn’t matter. At DriveLab you can cancel driving lessons up to 24 hours in advance.

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Availabilities can change quickly. If you want to plan your exam, the last two weeks before the exam is very important. Book all your dates ahead of time to make sure you have enough driving lessons in Zug in that time. You can still change or cancel the appointments afterwards. You must have already completed the VKU in order to register for the exam.

You can also use our guide to prepare for the driver’s test in Zug.

Meeting point at Zug train station

The meeting point is particularly suitable for the driving school in Zug, because it is central and during the driving lesson we can quickly visit the communities Baar Cham, Zug or Steinhausen can be reached quickly. These areas offer many exciting traffic situations to practice. On request, we will be happy to pick you up nearby for a long lesson. Just write us in advance so that we can plan it.

Frequently asked questions about driving school in Zug

Gibt es eine Mindestanzahl Fahrstunden für die Führerprüfung in Zug?

No. However, it is advisable to discuss with your driving instructor when you will take the test. This way, you’ll make sure you’re well prepared when you take your car test. With over 13 years of experience, we have developed a good gut feeling of what it takes to pass the exam.

Was muss ich bringen, damit ich Fahrstunden buchen kann?

For driving lessons in Zug you need a valid learner’s license for category B.

Was macht man in der Fahrschule Zug?

At the first driving lesson, your training card will be opened and you will see all the open topics online in your profile. This way you always have an overview of what you should still learn or practice. Also, check out our tutorial videos to see what to expect.

Gibt es bei der Autoprüfung in Zug eine Durchfallquote?

As with any test, some always fail the car test in Zug. The proportion of negative tests is usually around one third. This ensures that the drivers are always well trained. After all, no one wants to belong to the worse third. We have developed an ideal tool with our online training map so that you can make a realistic assessment of whether you belong to the better 2/3.
Other influencing factors such as weather, time of day, season, etc. make no difference at all according to our statistics. You could also say that if you drive well, you usually pass the car test.

Welche Fragen werden an der Autoprüfung in Zug gestellt?

At the beginning of the driving test you will be asked some questions. We prepare them together in the driving school. Nevertheless, you can of course already prepare yourself for it. In our guide to the Zug driving test you will find the relevant questions.

Ich kann bereits Autofahren. Kann ich dennoch Fahrstunden buchen?

Of course. We will gladly accompany you to new self-confidence. We specialize in treating driving anxiety or putting new traffic rules into practice.

Other categories of the driving school Zug

In addition to normal driving lessons to obtain the driving license category B, you can of course also book lessons for refreshers. We specialize in treating driving and test anxiety. You can find more offers from DriveLab Fahrschule Zug here:

Intensive driving school in Zug

Learn to drive in the shortest time possible: With our intensive courses you can gain a lot of confidence in 7, 10 or 14 days.

Motorcycle Driving School Zug

Learn all about motorcycle training and the basic course in Zug.

WAB course in German or English

Attend the mandatory WAB course after the car exam for only 290.-. Here you can find all the info.

Taxi driving school Zug

Prepare for the cab exam: With our customized cab driving lessons you will be ideally prepared.

Exchange driving license in Zug

Get ready for the control drive at the road traffic office in Zug. Use our years of experience and impressive audit track record to your advantage.

Trailer driving school Zug

Get your BE category driver’s license with us. Maneuvering with a trailer is particularly easy with the Tesla. In addition, you will receive informative learning material for your studies at home.

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