Category BE

To take the BE category driving license (trailer test), you can easily follow these three steps:


BE learner's permit
Apply for a learner’s permit

The learner’s permit is issued by the Road Traffic Office. With this you can drive alone for 2 years. These 2 years are usually over quickly. That’s why you should start with step two soon.


Trailer driving school
Visit and practice trailer driving school

Driving lessons for the trailer test are not mandatory. However, it is advisable to prepare for the test with a driving school. You will learn important things to be safe on the road with the trailer.
If you want to take someone with you on private learning trips, the person must have a BE driver’s license.


Pass trailer test

In about 60 minutes you show your skills at the exam. You estimate your towing curve correctly and you maneuver safely. On the technical side, you can provide information about the weights, dimensions and load securing. A large part of the test is also the coupling and uncoupling.

Driving license category BE: What am I allowed to drive?

The weight you are allowed to drive with the trailer test depends on the following factors: All driven wheels of the towing vehicle must together make up 25% of the total towing weight. So if you have a car (4×4) category B fully loaded up to 3.5 tons, the trailer should not mathematically weigh more than 10.5 tons. Remember that the towing vehicle must have an appropriate towing capacity, and if the trailer is over 3.5 tons, it needs a pneumatic braking system.

When do I need a trailer inspection?

You only need the BE driving license if you want to carry a trailer with a total weight of more than 750kg or if the total towing weight exceeds 3.5 tons.  So if the weight is less than that, you don’t need a trailer test in Switzerland.

Do I need a trailer test?

What do I need to be able to do in the trailer test?

In particular, you should feel confident about the following:


  • Weights and dimensions of the combination (check ID cards)
  • Forces during driving and the appropriate load securing (check load).
  • Safe coupling and uncoupling of the trailer
  • All-round inspection: checking the bodywork, lights, turn signals, reflectors, tires and wheel nuts
  • Check brakes
  • Check connection device and electrical connections


  • Proper observation of the exterior mirrors
  • Correctly assessing the drag curve
  • Overtaking bicycles
  • Secure vehicle


  • Reversing straight and curves
  • Offset sideways by one carriage width
  • Approach loading ramp
How much does the trailer inspection cost in Switzerland?

The cost of training category BE varies depending on previous experience and private learning trips. Here you have some costs to reckon with:

  • Learner’s license CHF 40.-
  • Approx. 12 driving hours (recommended) CHF 1’500.-
  • Practical driving test depending on canton approx. CHF 134.
  • Change of driver’s license depending on canton approx. CHF 15.

In total, the trailer inspection thus costs about CHF 1,700. 

How does the trailer test work?

A practical driving test starts like any other test. You show your driver’s license for the towing vehicle and the learner’s license for the trailer. The expert will then inform you about the course of the examination. This may vary somewhat. You’ll be on the road for about 60 minutes, showing off your driving skills with the trailer. During the test you will have to hitch and unhitch the trailer.
After the test, you will receive the test result directly and, if you pass the test, you will be allowed to drive in Switzerland with your learner’s permit for the time being. After a few days you will receive the internationally valid driver’s license.

Start your training now and book the driving lessons category BE with us. As you can see, we specialize in the field and are happy to guide you in the trailer driving school:

Driving school category BE in Zug

Book a double lesson and learn the essentials for the trailer test. CHF 260/100 minutes

Driving school category BE in Zurich

Book a double lesson and learn the essentials for the trailer test. CHF 260/100 minutes

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