Driving school intensive: If you want to get through the driving school as quickly as possible, DriveLab is exactly the right address for you. We offer intensive and holiday courses where you can get your driver’s license within 7 days.

Does it make sense to go through the driving school intensively?

Yes, in any case. And it’s about the flow. The ingenious researcher Mihály Csíkszentmihályi was able to show several times in his publications that flow increases (learning) performance.

The flow is expressed by the fact that you are completely focused on what you are doing – active and focused. If you go through the driving school intensively in a short period of time, your learning curve will point steeply upwards.

Driving school intensive
The flow principle (Csikszentmihalyi, 1997). Apathy, concern, fear, arousal, flow, control, relaxation, boredom (clockwise).

How should I proceed to get the driver’s license in a short time?

You must have a valid learner ‘s license and have completed the VKU course. We recommend that you allow plenty of time to practice. So it is best to do the intensive driving school during your vacation. Contact us in advance to plan the time before the exam. Then we can free enough time to support you in your project.

What can go wrong

The most common mistake is that the exam level is underestimated. Some maneuvers work better in the familiar environment at home or in driving school. Correct turning and recognition of right-hand precedence is often impeccable on the road as well.

A stressful situation can then arise during the practical test, which leads to decisive mistakes. It is therefore particularly important to be in an absolute comfort zone shortly before the test when driving. Even in heavy traffic and under difficult conditions. This will then help you to remain calm and confident during the driving test. You should therefore reconsider a week before the exam whether you can make it safely. Until then, the exam date can still be postponed free of charge.

If you are sure about the exam date, the last few days are very important. Get behind the wheel every day and drive as much as you can. Create the automatisms you need to drive with routine.

Let us know if we can help you with your plans. We look forward to experiencing the (learning) flow with you!

If you want, you can start today with one of our intensive courses:

Intensive course S

7 days course
CHF 1'890
  • 20 + 1 driving lessons
  • insurance given
  • 4 driving lessons per day
1 free

Intensive course M

10 days course
CHF 2835
  • 30 + 3 driving lessons
  • insurance given
  • 4 driving lessons per day
3 free

Intensive course L

14 days course
CHF 4063
  • 43 + 5 driving lessons
  • insurance given
  • 4 driving hours per day
5 free

If you have less than 4 lessons per day, you can of course shorten the blocks and extend the course a bit.

Which intensive course is right for me?

The required driving hours depend on several factors. Here is a possible example for an intensive course M :
previous experience*
Regular cycling
28 years old
Motorically less talented, average reaction time
willingness to learn*
Theory test 13 demerit points, no further learning efforts
exam situations
Rather confident
In total
38 lessons

*You see, with training videos , theory , etc. (willingness to learn) and many private learning sessions (previous experience), a few driving hours can already be saved.

However, there are numerous other factors that can influence your learning success. For example, if you are afraid of driving or exams, you often need targeted training. Either way, we look forward to mastering this challenge with you. You are welcome to book a single driving lesson in advance for our assessment.