Taxi exam

What is the BPT license and how do I do it?

To be able to transport people professionally, you need entry 121. With this test, you show that you drive particularly well and that you are familiar with the provisions of the Working and Rest Hours Ordinance 2 (ARV2). With the code 121 you can then drive a taxi, Uber or with the C1 test also heavy passenger cars (e.g. limousines).

Prerequisite: You must have had at least one year of problem-free driving experience.

To get the driver’s license, do the following:

Fill out your learner ride request here

For the cab exam BPT in the canton of Zurich or in the canton of Zug you can download the form above.

Go to the doctor

After submitting the learner’s request, you will receive a list of doctors. You can only register for the theory test after the successful examination.

Go to the theory test

You can now register for the theory test. This mainly revolves around the Working and Rest Time Ordinance 2 (ARV2). You can download an app for studying here. Be aware that these are not the official exam questions and that you will need a deeper understanding of the ARV2.

Go to the practical driving test

You can register for the taxi exam as soon as you have passed the theory test. We recommend that you book some driving lessons beforehand in preparation. You can take the driving test with your private car or book the test module from DriveLab.

If you have passed the practical test for professional passenger transport, you will receive your driver’s license in the mail. Now you can take a local knowledge test in your canton if you want to apply for a taxi license. This is necessary if you want to use one of the city taxi stands. However, we recommend looking for a job first.


How much does the taxi exam (BPT 121) cost in Switzerland?

A visit to the doctor for approval level 2 usually costs around CHF 120.-
The app for learning the theory costs CHF 19.-
The additional theory test for taxi in the canton of Zurich costs CHF 45.-
5 driving lessons (recommended) cost around CHF 490 at DriveLab.
The practical driving test in Zurich costs CHF 134.-
The driver’s license costs CHF 15.- in the event of a change.
Thus the total costs amount to around CHF 823.-

Can I take the taxi theory test (ARV 2) in English?

No, unfortunately not. The theory test for cabs is offered by the road traffic offices only in the national languages German, French and Italian.

What is tested on the cab exam?

At the practical cab exam is often made a target driving. This means that you must independently drive to a destination. Along the way, it’s important that you display an impeccable driving style. You should be able to drive with foresight, safely and calmly. Besides, of course, at the cab test you must comply with all the laws, such as respecting the speed limit.

Where can I take the cab exam with DriveLab?

In Zurich, Zug and Lucerne.

Do I have to take the cab exam in my canton of residence?

No, you can apply for a exam location permit at the road traffic office in your canton of residence and take the test in another canton.

Here you can book a driving lesson for the taxi exam in Zug or Zurich

Taxi driving lesson Zurich

From CHF 130 – 75 minutes


Taxi driving lesson Zug

From CHF 130 – 75 minutes