Driving school Cham

Learn to drive with DriveLab in Cham. It’s a great environment to practice. From country roads to neighborhoods to highway and double-lane traffic circles, you can learn almost anything in Cham. So it is always easy for us to adapt the driving school to your level of education. Cham is also a popular destination for driving tests. So it can’t hurt if you know your way around the area a bit. Book also our interactive VKU in the area of Zug to prepare yourself even better for the car or motorcycle exam.

Book a driving lesson in Cham

If you want to take a driving lesson with us in Cham, you can book it here. It’s best to write us in advance so we can schedule time. For the first driving lesson we recommend Zug as a meeting point, because there are the better possibilities for the first driving lesson.

In order to be better prepared for your learning journeys at the driving school in Cham, here are some important traffic situations where you need to be particularly concentrated.

Read the situations carefully and practice them on private study drives if possible.

Schluechthof Cham

On the Schluechtstrasse in Cham, a driving ban awaits you directly after a right of way. You should not get distracted and look far ahead. React early to properly prepare for the right turn. Since the road is relatively narrow, you should also make sure that you do not obstruct oncoming traffic. The corner is a classic for driving lessons in Cham.

Double lane traffic circle Lindencham

Let’s move on to a supreme discipline for the driving school in Cham: the double-lane traffic circle. Cham has two of these. It is highly recommended to practice them beforehand in driving school to learn them properly. First look at the traffic circles from above on Google Maps. Notice:

  • When entering the traffic circle, the vehicle approaching from the left has the right of way. When you change lanes in the traffic circle, you have no right of way
  • If you drive more than half of the traffic circle, you should use the inner lane
  • If you choose the right entry lane, take the outside lane and exit into the right lane. You can then change lanes after the traffic circle

In Huobstrasse, pedestrians and cars share the roadway. When driving here, you must look far ahead to see oncoming traffic early. Plan your waiting area ahead of time so you can see pedestrians and not endanger them. –DriveLab Driving School Cham

These were the 3 most important traffic situations in Cham that you need to know. If you want to take driving lessons with us in Cham, you can here book a lesson directly. From the 75 minute lesson we will be happy to pick you up at your desired location. Feel free to let us know if you want to train an area specifically.

Frequently asked questions about the driving school in Cham

Is there much driving in Cham at the car test?

Yes, quite often. Since Cham has a lot to offer in terms of traffic situations, and it is close to the road traffic office in Steinhausen , it is a popular destination for driving tests. For the same reasons, we like to drive it in driving school.

Does it make sense to start the first driving lesson in Cham?

There are quiet streets almost everywhere in Zug that are suitable for a first driving lesson. So if you want to start in Cham, that’s certainly no problem.

Isn’t there too much traffic in Cham to do driving school?

At certain times, you should especially avoid the Zugerstrasse in Cham. But don’t worry, we know the traffic very well in our driving school and will not waste time in traffic. 🙂