Emergency helper course Zug – Register now and save CHF 80

Register now for the emergency helper course in Zug and save 80.

Emergency helper course Zug – Book the course to get your driver’s license. Together with DriveLab, we offer you an exciting and entertaining emergency helper course in German and English specifically to prepare you for the motorcycle or car test.

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The course times are from 18:00-21:00 on the first day and from 09:00-17:00 on the following day

Friday July 26 and Saturday July 27 (English)

Emergency assistance course for the driver’s license

Friday August 09 and Saturday August 10

Emergency assistance course for the driver’s license

Saturday August 24 and Sunday August 25 (English)

Emergency assistance course for the driver’s license


Special offer: The emergency helper course with DriveLab now costs only CHF 99. There is an additional 21 for the course certificate. You only need this if you want to take the theory test want to register. This saves you CHF 80.

course content

In our emergency helper course you will learn everything about life-saving emergency measures. The course is a prerequisite for applying for a learner’s license and taking the car test in Zug or the motorcycle test in Zug. The following contents await you at the first aid course:

Traffic accident and the dangers afterwards

Learn the correct behavior after a traffic accident. In this situation, every second often counts. Therefore, it is important not only to provide emergency assistance, but also to know the correct procedure to follow in the event of an accident. In the safe classroom, we plan what to do in the event of an accident, preparing for a possible emergency.


There are important things to consider when sounding the alarm. Frequently, incomplete or false alarms are raised in the hectic rush. We’ll show you what information emergency services need to properly record an accident and respond accordingly. A complete and clear alarm saves lives.

Immediate life-saving measures and patient assessment

This is the real core of our emergency helper course in Zug. Everyone knows the pictures with the dolls on which one practices the first aid. We show you what is important and give you helpful tips from experience.


In this part of the course we will learn the BLS-AED scheme together. We follow this accepted procedure in an emergency situation. It describes a safe procedure for the application of first aid measures.

The lessons impart a lot of practical knowledge in a simple way and are based on the latest guidelines for first aid.

target group
Applicants for the learner’s license car & motorcycle, but also vehicle drivers who want to refresh your first aid knowledge.


Where in Zug do we offer the first aid course?

The emergency helper course Zug takes place in our course center:

Fisrt Aid course Zug – DriveLab
Industriestrasse 50
6300 Zug

10 hours

After completing the course, you will receive the course certificate for the emergency helper course. You can then submit this with the learner’s permit application so that you can register for the theory test. Of course, you can also brag about it on Linkedin and show the world how smart you are.

Frequently asked questions about the emergency helper course in Zug

Wie lange ist der Nothelferkurs gültig?

The emergency helper course expires after 6 years. So if you have taken a first aid course in the last 6 years that is accredited, you can use that for the car test. The date on which you submit the application for a learner’s permit applies.

Ich habe meinen Nothelferausweis verloren. Wie kann ich einen neuen beantragen?

If your emergency responder card is lost, you can reapply for it with your course provider. As a rule, it costs about 30 francs.

First aid card lost