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Book your driving lesson in Lucerne – cheap and easy. We offer you flexible dates to book yourself. The whole thing climate-neutral and in a Tesla. This will help you learn to drive especially easily and get to your car test quickly. Not fast enough? No problem! With our intensive course you will learn to drive within 7-14 days. All our prices include insurance. This will save you over CHF 100 from the start with DriveLab. Calculated on 20 lessons, this reduces the price per lesson by CHF 5.- to 8.-.

You see, at DriveLab we focus on honesty and transparency. This is also shown by our verified reviews on Trustpilot. There we are the best rated driving school in the German-speaking area.

Book your driving lesson in Lucerne now:

If you’re not sure which driving lesson is best for you, it’s best to book 75 minutes. This is the most booked.

Andrea Mösch

I am a driving instructor in Lucerne with heart and soul. With a lot of didactic flair and a good portion of humor I will accompany you to your car exam. Thanks to our software, you can see what we have done and where you stand at every appointment. This motivates me and you to always get the maximum out of each lesson. Every once in a while, my internship supervisor will join us in the driving lesson and you’ll get double the attention. 🙂

Lucerne Driving School Mrs. Andrea Mösch

Driving School Lucerne Prices

DriveLab gives you the best bottom line: thanks to preparation videos and a didactic guide, you get the most out of each lesson. You decide how long you want to ride:

Driving lesson 45 minutes
CHF 89.-
Driving lesson 75 minutes
CHF 145.-
Driving lesson 90 minutes
Driving School Lucerne Driving Lesson
Lucerne Driving School Driving Lesson 75 Minutes
Lucerne driving school double lesson

Driving school in Lucerne with a Tesla

To make your path to a driver’s license as easy as possible, we’re backing the Tesla Model 3. Thanks to electric drive and good sensors, you can relax and concentrate on the traffic in one of the safest cars. This will help you form a traffic sense soon.

Driving School Tesla Lucerne
Manual or automatic?

Electric cars always have an automatic transmission. We recommend that you take the test on the machine and then, if necessary, take a few more lessons at our Lucerne driving school with a manual car. You can book this with us with a discount of CHF 20.- if you organize the car.

Our meeting place

We meet for the driving lesson by default at the train station in Lucerne. However, for longer driving lessons of 75 minutes or more, we will be happy to pick you up nearby. Just let us know beforehand. Within our reach are, for example:

  • Horw
  • Kriens
  • Meggen
  • Emmenbrücke
  • Emmen
  • Littau
  • Ebikon
  • Adligenswil
  • Buchrrain or Dierikon

Our tip: The closer you start to the Lucerne Road Traffic Office, the more familiar you will become with the exam environment.

Frequently asked questions about Lucerne driving school

Was kostet eine Fahrstunde in Luzern?

With us, the driving lesson (45 minutes) already starts at CHF 59. This promotion is valid for the first 5 lessons and is limited in time.

Wieviel kostet ein Führerschein in Luzern?

For the total cost of your driver’s license, you should expect to spend the following:

  • Eye test CHF 10.-
  • Emergency helper course CHF 120.-
  • Fees for learner’s permit and theory approx. CHF 100.
  • VKU CHF 260.-
  • 32 driving hours (average CH) CHF 2’900.-
  • Fee for driver’s test at the Road Traffic Office Lucerne CHF 130.-
  • WAB Course CHF 290.-

The total cost for the driver’s license in Lucerne with this example is about CHF 3,810. With DriveLab you usually need fewer driving lessons because we guide you very well with video material and a didactic guide. Feel free to try it out.

Ist es schlimm, wenn man keinen Führerschein hat?

Yes. Very bad, in fact. If you don’t have a driver’s license, you can’t drive a car. This means you are dependent on public transport and have to walk distances more often. Is that what you really want?

Warum fallen so viele durch die Führerscheinprüfung?

The failure rate in the canton of Lucerne has been around 35% for years. So roughly similar to the rest of Switzerland. We often hear rumors that this value is supposed to be a target value and is already known at the beginning of the year. Let’s assume that this theory is correct: What do you think would be an appropriate quota to guarantee a good level of education?
We at DriveLab do a lot of statistics and can deny these rumors. Of our student drivers, hardly any fail the test when we enroll them. For the few that fail, we usually suspect beforehand that it will be close. In the future, we plan to make our statistics public to show that solid driver education pays off.

Wie oft darf man durch die Prüfung fallen?

You can fail the theoretical exam as much as you want. You have three attempts at the practical driving test. After that you have to do a Schuhfried test. This is a reaction/multitasking test on the computer that tests your sensorimotor skills.

Further services of the DriveLab Luzern driving school

We offer you not only “ordinary” driving lessons. Our offer in the Lucerne region is versatile. At DriveLab Luzern driving school you can also book additional services:

Intensive driving school in Lucerne

It is not necessary to train for months or years to take the driving test. With our intensive course, you can take up to four lessons a day and learn to drive within 7, 10 or 14 days.

Exchange driving license in Lucerne

Prepare for the control drive at the road traffic office in Lucerne. Benefit from our many years of experience and a high exam success rate.

Cab Driving School Lucerne

We will present you all the relevant aspects to successfully pass the exam and get the permit for Uber and Taxi.

WAB course in German or English

After successfully passing the driving test, you have the opportunity to attend the WAB course from CHF 290. Find out about the contents of the course and register.

Motorrad Fahrschule Luzern

Lerne mit unseren Motorrad Grundkursen und Motorrad Fahrstunden das Töff-Fahren.

Motorradfahrschule Luzern
Have fun booking your driving lessons. See you soon! – Your DriveLab Driving School Lucerne

If something doesn’t work, you can contact us at any time. We are happy to assist you with the booking. Also, prepare yourself for the driving lessons in Lucerne with the videos. Here you can find all our tutorials.

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Why DriveLab Driving School Lucerne is the best driving school in Lucerne

DriveLab Luzern Driving School is the best driving school for everyone who wants to learn how to drive a car. Our driving school offers a wide range of courses designed to help students drive safely and confidently. In addition, the school offers a variety of videos and services that can help students save time and money on their driving education. Lucerne Driving School is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to make the most of their education.

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