Watch the video for each booking to prepare. Pay attention to the details and try to remember them. Sometimes it is worth pausing the video and imagining the situation. Feel free to let us know in the comments when booking what you want to practice in the driving lesson.

Also check out our YouTube channel to stay up to date. Of course, we look forward to every subscription or like, if the videos have helped you.

We look forward to driving school with you!

Learning videos for the first driving lessons

The first driving lessons are all about vehicle knowledge and first experiences with traffic. Whether roundabouts, light signals, correct turning or the different streets: In “Driving in traffic” you can see what awaits you. The best thing to do is watch the videos, take a few driving lessons until you feel safe and then practice specifically the individual situations. Before that, the videos will help you again. The key is often repetition. Try to practice the individual situations until you have automated them. Allow enough time for this.

Maneuver videos

Before we go into the more complex traffic situations, you should have your vehicle perfectly under control. The maneuvers are the perfect exercise to learn the interaction of steering, accelerator pedal and brakes. Here, too, it is advisable to come to the driving lesson prepared to save time. You will notice that the correct positioning of the vehicle is very important.

Videos for driving school in English

Here you can find the first two tutorials in English. We also offer driving lessons in English, Spanish and French. You can change the language of our website at any time in the menu.
If you want to change your driving license in Switzerland, you will find our instructions here.