Theory test car

Get the car theory test over with quickly

On the page you will find instructions on how to get a learner’s permit. With the following 3 tips you can pass the theory test in no time at all.

Tip 1: The preparation (emergency helper course & form)

If you haven’t done one in the last 6 years: First attend the first aid course . This is available as a two-day standard course or you can do it in just one day with the online preparation from the SSK. This costs CHF 15 and takes about 3 hours. You can find more information about the eNothelfer course here .

Now download and fill out the registration form for the canton of Zurich or Zug . You can take the eye test at any eyewear store without an appointment and pay around CHF 10 for it. Don’t forget to sign (twice on the train) and enclose a passport photo. If you have filled out this form for the first time, you must hand it in personally to your municipality or to a road traffic office (with ID/foreigner’s permit).

You will receive a post with the registration form for the theory test in the next few days

Tip 2: Learn

The best way to learn is to download an app. Expect 5-10 hours of pure learning time. you can one Download free app with exam-like questions. These are very similar to the original questions and prepare you enough for the exam.

Tip 3: The exam

Now the time has come. You can take the theory test. This costs CHF 36 (CHF 40 in Zug) and can be repeated as often as you like. So if you fail, it’s not the end of the world. You have 45 minutes for the exam. There are 50 questions to be answered, whereby you may not have more than 15 error points. Because these are multiple choice questions, there are up to three error points per answer. You can also practice the exam mode here:

Here are a few more tips on how to do the theory test:

Download the free app for the theory test now:

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