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Car theory test – 5 steps to your learner’s license

Before you can apply for a category B (car) learner’s license, you must first pass the car theory test. You can do this at the road traffic office in your canton of residence. Find out in this article how you can best prepare for this exam and what you need for it.

In 5 simple steps to the theory test car

Theory test car emergency helper course
Attend an emergency aid course

You need an emergency helper course that is not older than 6 years.


Registration form car theory test
Fill in the registration form
Print out the application form for the learner’s permit and fill it in completely.


Theory test car eye test
Eye test
Have an eye test completed on the application form. You can get these for around CHF 10 from any optician.


Theory test car learning
Learn car theory
Now it’s time to learn! Download a theory app for the car test. Below you will find a comparison of the different apps.


Theory test car
Register for theory test
When you have learned enough, you can take the theory test. In some cantons you have to register in advance. At others, you can simply drop by spontaneously during opening hours.


Application forms

To get your driver’s license, you must first register for the basic theory test. You can download the form from your canton of residence here and fill it out. You then have your eye test entered on it and go to your road traffic office with your emergency assistance card, a color passport photo and your ID. This way you can also have your identity confirmed. A few days later, you will receive the documents to register for the car theory test by post.


Learning for the car theory test

The best way to prepare for the theory test is to use a theory app. The learning apps often have very good explanations to make questions easier to understand. As a rule, you no longer need a theory book. Allow around 5-10 hours of learning time with a theory app. You can find out everything you need to learn for the theory test in the asa’s competence catalog for the car theory test. The asa is the association of road traffic authorities and also produces the question catalog. The theory questions are 80% publicly accessible and so the same licensed asa questions are usually asked in the learning apps. Nevertheless, there are some differences between the learning apps that we don’t want to withhold from you.

Learning tips

To make good progress in learning the theory, we recommend the following strategies:

  • Find a quiet place to concentrate on your studies
  • Switch on the “Do not disturb” mode in your cell phone
  • Try to set aside at least half an hour every day for studying
  • Gain a deeper understanding of traffic situations by going through the traffic rules or watching videos about the situations
  • Reward yourself! Learning is successful when it is fun.

The 5 best learning apps for car theory in Switzerland

Cheapest app
Theory test Auto Easytheory App

1. easytheory

Free app

Normally enough to pass the theory

Very elaborate pictures


  • Free of charge
  • Super images
  • Explanations with reference to legal articles


  • Few updates
Best rated app
Car theory test driving instructor24

2. car theory driving instructor24

CHF 18.- in the Appstore

Exam simulation

Theory area


  • Very popular app
  • Best rating among the theory apps
  • Many updates
  • Different languages


  • None
Best in English
Theory 24 car theory test app

3. theory24

An impressive CHF 24.

DriveLab is not even listed as a driving school 😭

Game mode


  • Good English translation
  • Entertaining mode for learning
  • Many languages available (remember that you can only take the theory test in 4 languages)


  • The most expensive app
  • Advertises with “100% original questions as on the theory exam” which cannot be true (only 80% of the questions go to licensees).
  • Not so well rated
Small but nice Theory test car app


Only CHF 9.-

Show progress

Developed by a driving school


  • Developed by driving instructors
  • Cheap
  • Turbo test


Somewhat few updates

From numerous feedbacks from our learner drivers, the Easytheory app seems to be the best. In a direct comparison, the English-speaking learner drivers preferred the Theorie24 app.

Theory test car registration

You do not have to register for the theory test in all cantons. In some cantons, you can simply drop by during opening hours and take the exam. At the Zurich Road Traffic Office for example, the theory test will be taken without pre-registration from summer 2024.Don’t forget your ID and the letterthat you received after submitting your learner driver application. It will also tell you whether and how you need to register.
The car theory test consists of 50 questions. You can achieve 150 points on the exam. You may have a maximum of 15 error points. An incorrectly answered question gives up to 3 error points. The questions are randomly selected from a total of 300 questions. However, the selection is limited to the topics of signals, maneuvers, traffic, drivers and vehicles.
Too complicated? You can try it out on the simulator on the right. You have a maximum of 45 minutes for the theory test. So you shouldn’t dawdle. By the way: There is no limit to the number of attempts for the theory test for cars. If you fail 3 times, you can take it a fourth and fifth time. The thing with the psychologist is only for the practical driving test. 😉 On average, around one in five people do not pass the theory test at the first attempt.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the car theory test

When can I take the car theory test?

If you take the theory test for the car, you can take the test at the earliest one month before your 17th birthday. But there is another little trick: the theory test for the car is the same as the one for the motorcycle (basic theory test). As you can take the A1 category at the age of 15, you can register for the basic theory test one month in advance. The theory test is valid indefinitely. It doesn’t matter whether you have obtained your A1 driving license or not.

Is the car theory test difficult in Switzerland?

If you study hard with the app, you’re sure to pass the exam. Most learn between 5 to 10 hours with the app. If you do not pass the exam, you can repeat it as often as you like.

What do I need to bring to the theory test?

You only need an ID or passport for the theory test. The exam takes place on a computer or tablet.

How much does the theory test cost in Switzerland?

This varies from canton to canton. The prices range between CHF 20 and CHF 45.

When can I start attending a car driving school?

You can take driving lessons from the day you have your valid learner’s permit. So at the earliest on your 17th birthday. After the theory test, it usually takes 2-3 working days before you receive your learner’s permit.

Can I take the theory test in a different canton?

Yes. If you are working or studying in another canton, for example, you can apply for an examination location permit. You can find this form “Application to take the test in another canton” on the website of the road traffic office in your canton of residence. It’s best to tick the practical test as well. Otherwise you will have to pay the fee of around CHF 20 twice.

In which languages can I take the theory test in Switzerland?

You can take the exam in all cantons in German, French, Italian and English . Unfortunately, English is not possible for other categories such as cab, boat or truck.

How long is the theory test valid?

Since January 1, 2021, the theory test has been valid indefinitely.

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