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Driving school in English in Zurich and Zug in English

You want to pass the driving exam quickly and don’t have time to learn German beforehand?
No problem: At DriveLab driving school we help you to pass the driving exam in English with little effort. First of all, let’s clarify the most important questions:

Is there a first aid course in English?

Yes, there is. In Zug, we regularly offer first aid courses in English. Unfortunately, we do not offer emergency courses in English in Zurich. But you can find a good range of courses here. There is no final exam for the course. The certificate is the same and meets the requirements for registration for the driving exam.

Can I take the theory exam in English?

Yes. In the canton of Zurich and Zug, car theory can also be taken in English. According to the feedback of our driving students, the app Theory 24 is the best translated and prepares very well for the English theory exam. However, it costs CHF 24. Apps in German are partly available for free.

Can I take driving lessons in English?

Yes. At DriveLab you can take the driving lessons in Zug and Zurich in English. Our driving instructors speak English very well and can give you in-depth information and feedback. Feel free to try it out! Here you find the booking pages:

English driving school in Zug

English driving school in Zurich

In addition, our English videos will help you learn to drive in English.

Is English spoken at the driving test?

The invitation for the driving test states that the test will be conducted in German. However, English is spoken most of the time at the Zug Road Traffic Office. In the road traffic offices in the canton of Zurich, however, the language is always German. Either way, the best way to prepare for the exam is to learn the following expressions in German.

Biegen Sie am Lichtsignal links ab

Turn left at the traffic light
Am Kreisverkehrsplatz nehmen wir die dritte Ausfahrt. Erste, zweite, dritte, Ausfahrt.

At the roundabout we take the third exit. First, second, third, exit.
An der Verzweigung fahren wir geradeaus

On the intersection we drive straight ahead
Dort würden wir gerne Seitwärts parkieren

Over there we would like to park parallel
Am Lichtsignal biegen wir rechts ab

At the traffic light we turn right
Wir nehmen die Autobahn Richtung Chur (Don’t confuse «Richtung» and «Rechts»)

We take the highway towards Chur (Green indicator)
Bitte parkieren Sie rückwärts ein

Please park reverse
Bitte nehmen Sie die Hauptstrasse Richtung Luzern

Please take the primary street towards Luzern (Blue indicator)
Bitte parkieren Sie vorwärts ein. Sie können einen Parkplatz auswählen.

Please park forward. You can choose a parking spot.
Bitte wenden Sie bei Gelegenheit

Please turn around by the next possibility

Now I now know again why I became a driving instructor and not a radio announcer or singer. You can also watch our video about driving in traffic. It exists in English and German. There you’ll learn the common words in a slightly nicer voice. 🙂

Is there a WAB course in English in Zurich

After passing the car test, you have 12 months to take the driving safety course (WAB). Unfortunately, there is no WAB course in English in the city of Zurich. The WAB course providers in the Zurich area require that you take a translator with you if you attend a German WAB course. Providers usually charge a steep premium for courses in English. The cheapest WAB course in English we have found is here. Unfortunately, the site is not available in English. However, WAB courses are offered in English. You can book them directly here. The prices start at CHF 290.

This is our information about driving school in English. I hope the page has helped you.
Write in the comments if you have a tip for the DriveLab community or if something is missing.

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