Motorcycle Driving School Zug

The motorcycle Driving school DriveLab in Zug is the ideal school for everyone who wants to learn or improve motorcycling. We offer a variety of driving lessons and courses for beginners and advanced drivers. Our experienced and qualified instructors will teach you everything you need to know to drive safely and competently. With DriveLab you can realize your dream of riding a motorcycle!

Motorcycle Driving School Zug A1
Category A1

up to 50cm³, 4kW and 45km/h

  • Minimum age: 15 years
  • Minimum age: 16 years up to 125cm³ and 11kW
  • Basic course part 1,2 and 3 necessary
Motorcycle Driving School Zug A35 KW
Category A 35 kW (limited)

up to 35kW and not more than 0.20kW per kilo of motorcycle

  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Basic course part 1, 2 and 3 necessary
  • If A1 is acquired before 31.12.2020 only 4 hrs. basic course necessary
Motorcycle Driving School Zug A
Category A

over 35kW and more than 0.20kW per kg

  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • At least 2 years of uncomplaining driving experience on category A 35kW
  • If you purchase A 35kW before 01.01.2021, you will receive category A as a gift after 2 years of uncomplaining driving experience.
  • No more basic course necessary

Motorcycle Driving School Zug: Basic Course Course Content

DriveLab Motorcycle Driving School Zug – To make the driving license category A1, A 35KW limited or A unlimited, you need first a basic course PGS. This is divided into 3 parts, which all last 4 hours and must take place on different days. The following contents await you in the three courses:

Contents Motorcycle Driving School Zug: Basic Course Part 1

The first part of the PGS course is all about vehicle control. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Learn a measured use of gas, brake and clutch
  • Track lane: maintain stability with your motorcycle at extra slow speeds
  • Slalom: Train the agility with the motorcycle by driving through a tight slalom.
  • Drive in a figure eight and show like vehicle control. The viewing technique is half the battle
  • Increase your safety with a perfect emergency stop
Basic course part 2

The second part focuses on everyday traffic situations:

  • Correct lane entry at light signals and without light signal
  • Driving on junctions and traffic circles
  • Brake readiness
  • Appropriate design of the speed
  • Mountain driving
  • Pillion (riding in pairs)
Basic course part 3

In the last part of the PGS course, special traffic events await you:

  • Sloping position: you practice the ideal cornering technique with an analysis
  • Countersteering
  • Braking, dodging and accelerating
  • Driving in groups
  • Overtaking maneuver with the motorcycle

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You can find more useful information about road safety on a motorcycle here.

Motorcycle Driving School Zug Prices

Basic course part 1,2 or 3

Price per course part. One part of the course consists of a block of 4 hours.

Motorcycle riding lesson

One lesson lasts 50 minutes

Double lesson
CHF 190.-

The lesson lasts 100 minutes

How to apply for your driver’s license for a motorcycle and what it costs.

drivelab-logo-mark-one-color-rgbThe cost of the motorcycle driver’s license in Zug

The cost of a motorcycle driver’s license is as follows:

All in all, the motorcycle driving license will cost you about CHF 1’330.-.

Depending on how many driving lessons you need and whether you have the A1 category, the costs can still vary somewhat.

drivelab-logo-mark-one-color-rgbHow long the learner’s permit is valid for
  • Category A1: 4 months, extended for 12 months after the basic course. If you already have the category B, the validity ends after 4 months
  • Category A 35kW: 4 months, extended for 12 months after the basic course. If you don’t have to do the basic course (A1), then the learner’s permit is valid for 12 months.
  • Category A: 12 months

We recommend you to go through the exam quickly. Often the season is driven through with a learner’s permit and a new learner’s permit is purchased for the new season. Unfortunately, this only works twice. After that, you won’t get a learner’s permit. You also learn a lot about safety in driving school. Since riding a motorcycle is dangerous, it pays to complete the training early.

drivelab-logo-mark-one-color-rgbWhere you can apply for the driver’s license

It all starts with a completed form to apply for a learner’s permit. You can find the learner’s permit application for the canton of Zug here. If you have not yet taken your car test, you still need to take the Zug first aid course and the sea test.

drivelab-logo-mark-one-color-rgbWhy you need a driver’s license for a motorcycle

As described above, the required driver’s license category depends on the performance of the motorcycle.

drivelab-logo-mark-one-color-rgbCan I also take the basic course in English?

Yes. We always announce the basic course in German. However, since it is a very practical course and we are driving a lot, there is rather little talking. Therefore, we can continuously translate the instructions or give you the feedback in English. English-speaking students are therefore very welcome.

Hubert Treichler: Driving instructor of the motorcycle driving school Zug

“With a lot of joy I have been doing motorcycle driving school for many years. So I live my passion in the profession and always meet exciting people. I like the many success stories that I experience every day. As a motorcycle driving instructor, I strive for maximum safety and driving pleasure. This does not have to be a contradiction. After all, riding a motorcycle is not simply getting from A to B. The way is the goal.”

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The DriveLab Motorcycle Driving School Zug – the best choice for your driving license

With our motorcycle basic course and motorcycle driving lessons you benefit from several years of experience and didactically well thought-out course concepts. We give everything to get you safely through the motorcycle test. But fun should not be neglected either. Thus, our basic courses are excitingly structured and very entertaining.
Try it out! We are looking forward to your registration.