Driving school Baar

Learn to drive with DriveLab driving school Baar. Baar offers a lot of traffic situations where you can practice driving. With many neighborhood streets, major junctions, highway and plenty of parking, there is everything a driving school heart could desire. In addition, Baar is also a popular destination at the car inspection. So it can’t hurt if you know your way around the area a bit. In the course of your driver training you should also visit the VKU. Register in time so that you can then register for the car test.

Book a driving lesson in Baar

If you want to take a driving lesson with us in Baar, you can book it here. It’s best to write us in advance so we can schedule time. For the first driving lesson we recommend Zug as a meeting point, because there are the better possibilities for the first driving lesson.

Before we go to Baar with the driving school, it is worthwhile for you to familiarize yourself with a few places. Here are some important traffic situations where you need to be especially focused.

Of course you can always book a driving lesson at DriveLab in Baar to practice these situations properly. Sometimes it’s easier to learn something new than to change bad habits. Baar offers many good practice opportunities for driving school.

Driving ban Deinikonerstrasse

The driving ban on Deinikonerstrasse is preceded by a number of right-of-ways. As a result, you are often distracted and quickly overlook the driving ban at the intersection with Allmendstrasse. Even if the driving ban is announced 300 meters in advance, many overlook the driving ban.

Left turn at Büelplatz – Driving school Baar

When turning left at Büelplatz, you have a full green at a busy intersection. Practice this course to perfect your planning. You should plan the waiting area in the middle of the intersection to allow vehicles behind you to pass more easily. Try to spot gaps in oncoming traffic early. When turning, don’t forget to check after to see pedestrians early.

One-way street Leihgasse – Driving school Baar

At the intersection of Leihgasse and Rigistrasse you drive straight ahead towards a one-way street. Because there is often traffic coming from the left and right, people like to be distracted. In addition, when turning left, you must pay attention to what oncoming traffic is doing. The latter can’t go straight either and is forced to turn. Exceptions are bicycles, which can continue straight on the bike lane. If left crossing is not possible, you can communicate with hand signals. The situation is very popular with driving schools in Baar.


ATTENTION: Do not practice this route until you are really saddle fit. It is about the Steinhauserstrasse. This is very narrow in some places. Adjust your pace accordingly or stop completely if things get tight. You can also train your sense of space on wider roads by checking where you are standing in the outside mirror every now and then on the straights. – DriveLab Driving School Baar

These were the main traffic situations in Baar that you need to know. From the 75 minutes lesson we will be happy to pick you up for the driving school in Baar.

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