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WAB course in English – After your driving exam, you will receive a probationary driver’s license. During the first year of this three-year probationary period, you must take the WAB course. This should help you to cope better in difficult traffic situations. The course is very practical and entertaining.

The topics in the WAB course

The following topics await you in our WAB course:

WAB Pylon dodge
Vehicle handling

Control your car even in difficult situations. You can try out the car’s driving physics and experience its limits on the closed-off course.

WAB distance

Learn what distance is appropriate and what consequences too little distance can have. This is one of the most common causes of accidents, especially on highways.

WAB Light signal braking

In most accidents, it has been shown that the brakes were applied incorrectly or insufficiently. So with good braking technique, many accidents can be prevented. You will learn the technical and practical requirements for the shortest possible stopping distance.

WAB Distraction

Distracted driving is the number 1 cause of accidents in Switzerland. Learn the consequences of distraction and develop strategies to keep your focus on the road. You drastically reduce your risk of accidents.

Where does the WAB course take place?

The course will take place at the Vaz Verkehrausbildungszentrum Erstfeld AG, Breiteli 22 in 6472 Erstfeld. This is right off the A2 highway and is about 45 minutes from Zug and 1 hour from Zurich.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is a WAB course?

WAB is a refresher course for new drivers. It is mandatory and must be taken within one year of passing the driving exam. You can find the topics in the description above.

How much costs the WAB course?
The WAB course for TCS members costs only CHF 290. If you are not a TCS member, it is still very cheap at CHF 340.

By the way: TCS membership is worth it! For an annual fee of CHF 93.- you receive many benefits and discounts. Among others:

  • The best roadside assistance in Switzerland
  • Free legal information
  • Accident legal protection
  • Comprehensive legal protection
  • Storm and public transport protection
  • Services E-Mobility
  • Member discounts and benefits

You can find more info here.

Until when do you have to do the WAB course?

From the passed driving test cat. A1 or B you have 1 year to take the WAB course.

Which WAB course is mandatory?

There is only one WAB course left. This takes 7 hours and is compulsory for all those who have a probationary driver’s license.

What happens if I don’t do the WAB course?

You will not lose your driver’s license instantly. However, if you are stopped by the police after one year without a WAB course, you will have to pay a fine of CHF 300.

What does green L mean and how long does it last?

“Green L” colloquially refers to the probationary period. It’s a idiom for greenhorn or that you are a noob :). There is no physical green L. Your driver’s license is only valid for three years for now.

What is not allowed to do during the probationary period?

During the 3 years you must not drink alcohol, commit any gross traffic violations and you must attend the WAB course.

Is the WAB course also available in Zug or Zurich in English?

Unfortunately, there is no WAB course in Zug. In Zurich there are WAB courses a little outside.

Is the WAB course bad?

Most of the participants enjoy the course. As described above, the WAB course is very hands-on and you get to know the physics of driving your car very well. Feel free to contact us if you want to take classes beforehand to fresh up your driving skills a little bit.

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