VKU Zug – traffic education

VKU Zug – traffic education

VKU Zug – In order to register for the practical car test or motorcycle test, you must first attend the VKU. With our VKU in the center of Zug you will learn in an entertaining way the most important things to get safely through the traffic. We use modern training material in our courses, most of which we have produced ourselves. Of course, you still get the official VKU booklet from Let’s Drive. The prices are all inclusive. So you can leave your wallet at home for the VKU. Drinks and fruits are also at our expense.


What awaits you on the VKU Zug?

The VKU is all about the interface between theory and practice. You learn helpful things to find your way in traffic with your car or motorcycle. Important findings from accident research over the past few years have been incorporated. To make the course as relevant to you as possible, we use a lot of learning and video material from the surrounding area at VKU Zug. This way you’ll get to know the difficult traffic situations right away. However, the topics for the traffic lessons are not freely selectable. The following course content must be covered:


Traffic vision

The VKU starts with a training to recognize traffic situations early and to react correctly. Using concrete examples, you will learn how sensomotorics works and which methods will make your driving training more successful.


Traffic dynamics

Learn the basic rules of driving physics. We will learn which electronic assistance systems are installed in the car and how to use them. We also cover the topic of vehicle maintenance. In this course, you can learn how to operate a Tesla and a combustion engine car safely.


Traffic environment

In this part you will learn how to adjust your speed to the current situation. Thanks to new 360 degree videos with traffic situations from Zug, we learn together an appropriate driving style. The correct assessment of pedestrians, roads and visibility conditions are the decisive criteria.


Traffic tactics

Together, we determine strategies to get through traffic as safely as possible. We examine the various influences of fatigue, distraction, drugs, and medications. The focus here is on preventing risks.

VKU Zug registration

Places in the course are limited. To register for the VKU you have to click on “zur Kursgruppe anmelden” at the desired date. After registration your place is secured.

Please pay for your course to complete the reservation:

Where does the VKU take place?

The VKU takes place in our premises at Industriestrasse 50, in Zug. It is 9 minutes walk from the train station. You can also take bus number 4 to Zug, Göbli.

Frequently asked questions about the VKU Zug

What is the VKU or in English the traffic education course (Sensitization course)?

The VKU Zug is a two-day course that bridges the gap between theory and practical driving lessons to increase road safety. Much content is devoted to the development of traffic sense. Or rather, driving school didactics. This is DriveLab’s specialty. We’ll show you how to get the best learning experience on the driver’s license path. This will save you numerous driving lessons and let you gain confidence quickly.

When do I have to visit the VKU?

Traffic theory course (VKU) is mandatory for all those taking a category B (car) or category A1/A(motorcycle) for the first time. It’s best to do it after the theory exam. Some content will help you learn to drive. However, you must have a valid learner’s permit to enroll.

How long does the VKU take?

The VKU take 8 hours. You can complete this in two or four days. At DriveLab, the course is always intensive over two days. This will help you move forward faster in your training.

How expensive is a VKU?

The VKU costs CHF 260 in Zug. This includes all costs such as learning materials, certificate, drinks and fruits.

How long is the Verkehrskunde valid?

Forever! No one can take away a completed VKU from you (except the road traffic office). So you can be proud for a lifetime and therefore you should visit it with a great provider. 🙂

What do you need to take with you at VKU?

For the VKU Zug, you only need to take your cell phone with you. You need this because some content is available online (e.g. 360° videos, Tesla operating manual, etc.). Both teaching aids, drinks, fruit, writing materials and note-taking materials will be provided. this is all included in the price.