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Driving School Zurich – Book your driving lessons in the Zurich region online. With the first climate-neutral driving school in Switzerland, you’ll learn to drive in no time. We rely on Teslas as driving school cars. These are especially easy to drive and make your way to your driver’s license easier. You will also receive access to our online training plan after booking your first driving lesson in Zurich. This helps you to keep track of your learning progress and shows you what is still to come. If you’re in an even bigger hurry, you can always book an intensive driving course in Zurich to learn how to drive in 7-14 days. Below you will also find the complete range of driving schools for Zurich.

Book driving lessons in Zurich:

Address meeting place

The driving school in Zurich starts as standard at the road traffic office. This is particularly suitable because it has little traffic and so we can drive more than in the city of Zurich. Upon request, we will be happy to pick you up nearby for lessons of 75 minutes or more. Just write us in advance so we can schedule it.

Possible pick up locations for Zurich driving school:
  • Wiedikon
  • Wollishofen
  • Kilchberg
  • Thalwil
  • horgen
  • Wädenswil
  • Wettswil
  • Bonstetten
  • Birmensdorf
  • Uitikon

About us

Dario Lichtensteiger - Driving School Zurich
Dario Lichtensteiger, driving instructor with federal certificate. FA

In my 14 years as a driving instructor, I have devoted everything to the question, “What is good driving instruction?”
During my studies at the PH Luzern, I dedicated my master thesis to the development of driving skills. In comparison, well-structured and benevolent feedback performs particularly well. And this is exactly where we see our strength at DriveLab. Among other things, we have systematically trained feedback to give you the best possible learning environment.

Favorite Quote:

“Our brain is always learning. It likes nothing better and can’t do anything else! A lifetime.”

Prof. Dr. Manfred Spitzer

Frequently asked questions

Was kostet die Fahrstunde in Zürich?

A driving lesson in Zurich starts at CHF 94.50. The price includes insurance. You can save money with double lessons. With this you pay just CHF 87.30 per lesson. This is an unbeatable price for a premium driving school including insurance.

Wie viel kostet der Führerschein in Zürich?

The cost of the driver’s license is very dependent on the number of driving hours. That’s why it’s important that you get the most out of every driving lesson. All in all, however, we recommend a budget of around CHF 3,000 to 4,000. With this you pay for the emergency helper course Zurich, the eye test, the examination fees for the road traffic office and the driving school as well as the VKU Zurich and WAB course.

Wieviel kostet die Theorieprüfung in Zürich?

The theory exam in the canton of Zurich costs CHF 36.- and can be repeated as often as you want.

Was gilt als schwerer Fehler an der Fahrprüfung?

Serious mistakes are always when you endanger someone. Often the expert then intervenes and the test is over. Keep in mind, however, that even numerous minor errors can result in a negative review. Most learner drivers fail because they miss a pedestrian, can’t keep the vehicle stable on the highway, or the speed is inappropriate.

Wie lange dauert der Führerschein in der Schweiz?

If you are younger than 20 years old, you need at least 1 year to get your driver’s license. After that, it’s up to you to get through the driver’s education quickly. The more compact you keep your driving education, the more you benefit. Learn more in our post about the intensive driving school that will get you through your car test in just a few days.

Car test in Zurich


Plan well for the last phase before the exam. Sometimes our availabilities change very quickly. Since we have no control over it, you have to take care of your own planning. You can still cancel the appointments up to 24h before for free. Use your closing flow. This one is important.

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What people say about DriveLab driving school in Zurich

Our driving school is one of the few to achieve a score of 4.9 (Excellent) on Trustpilot. We use this tool for reviews because we can send emails automatically after each booking. These contain a unique link that allow the user to anonymously submit a verified rating. Thus, we can neither falsify nor contest these. This creates trust.

Best Driving School Switzerland

The best driving school with the best driving instructors. I have changed driving schools twice and have noticed a very big difference. They explain very well and help you with your driving difficulties. Try to respond to every request. Despite a very new and comfortable car, the price for driving lessons is TOP.

Blondi O.

Best Driving School in Zurich

My daughter signed up with DriveLab after bad experiences at other driving schools. DriveLab is absolutely class.
1. by far the best mentoring we have experienced.
2. friendly and always very human. My daughter had always enjoyed the driving lessons.
3. no hidden fees. Everything is very transparent.
4. modern means of communication (e.g. WhatsApp but also by phone) and always quick responses.

We would never choose another driving school.

Thomas K.

DriveLab is a driving school that is competent and time efficient to success!

Since I was unsure with the other driving school, I decided to change and luckily discovered DriveLab!

Only in a month before the exam in the intensive driving lessons Dario and helped me to reduce my uncertainty. We drove several test routes, looked closely at the complicated situations and practiced. Dario is an excellent driving instructor, both on the professional and psychological level.

The user-friendly booking system is an important extra. Driving lessons can be booked and rebooked directly via cell phone. Simple and flexible.
Driving Tesla is super comfortable and a pleasure in itself.

Dr. Julia S.

Other categories of driving school Zurich

In addition to normal driving lessons to obtain the driving license category B, you can of course also book lessons for refreshers. We specialize in treating driving and test anxiety. You can find more offers from DriveLab Driving School Zurich here:

Intensive driving school in Zurich

You don’t have to practice months or years for the car test. Book up to 4 lessons per day and learn to drive in 7, 10 or 14 days with our intensive training.

Driving School Zurich - Intensive Course
Motorcycle Driving School Zurich

Visit our motorcycle driving school in the Zurich area and become a safe driver on two wheels.

Motorcycle Basic Course Zurich
WAB course in German or English

After you have passed your driving test, we offer you the opportunity to attend the obligatory WAB course from CHF 290.-.. Learn more about the course content and register.

WAB Course
Cab Driving School Zurich

We’ll show you all the important points to pass the exam and get the permit for Uber and Taxi.

Zurich cab test
Exchange driving license in Zurich

Prepare for the control drive at the road traffic office in Zug. Benefit from our many years of experience and a high exam success rate.

Control drive
Trailer Driving School Zurich

Get your driving license category BE with us. Maneuvering with a trailer is particularly easy with the Tesla. You will also receive informative material to study at home.

Trailer exam

Have fun booking your driving lessons. See you soon! – Your DriveLab Driving School

If something doesn’t work, you can contact us at any time. We will be happy to assist you with your booking. Also, prepare yourself for the driving lessons with the videos of the driving school Zurich. Here you can find all our tutorials.

Contact Driving School Zurich

Do you have a question or suggestion about driving school Zurich? Then get in touch by phone or contact form. We answer dri as soon as we can.

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