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Most driving students from Sins take their driving test in Zug. The road traffic office in Steinhausen is close by and the area around Sins is also often used as an examination area.

Driving lessons from Sins

Feel free to write to us if you want to start driving lessons in Sins. From the second or third appointment on, it makes sense to practice in this region for longer driving lessons. However, we can’t promise that we can start at every lesson in Sins.

To help you prepare for some situations before we head to Sins for our driving lesson, here are some highlights.

It’s best to look at the situations before the driving lesson in Sins to prepare yourself. We can then practice and deepen together in the lesson. If you subsequently have the opportunity to repeat the situations again on a private learning trip, that would be ideal.

Double lane traffic circle

This traffic circle has the perfect markings from our point of view. If you don’t even drive around the whole traffic circle, you don0t need to change lanes. Be sure to look for the signs early on when getting there. Select the appropriate egg lane and slow down in time. Look for a gap early. This way you drive smoothly through the traffic circle. Place the turn signal at the entrance of the exit that is in front of your exit. Don’t forget to look over your shoulder to the right before you drive out. Then accelerate quickly when the lane is clear. By the way: Google Streetview shows the traffic routing before the reconstruction. That’s why we show you Google Maps here.

Parking at the station

Here at Bahnhofstrasse you can practice parking sideways and parking reverse very well. The parking spaces on the right side of the railroad ramp are a particular challenge, as the learner:drivers often have respect for the concrete wall. So the parking sensors respond early and confuse. Focus better on the mirrors. But above all, the view over the right shoulder is central. This way you can better estimate the distance. Most cars don’t quite fit in the parking space in terms of width. So don’t overdo it with the approach. On the left side you can practice right-angled reverse or forward parking. Before the maneuver, check if the bus or other cars are not about to pass.

Mühlau, Merenschwand and Auw: out-of-town routes

The canton of Aargau is especially popular with driving schools for its many out-of-town routes. On those, you can develop a good sense of space for the car. To do this, first drive on the wider roads and rather slower. Regularly look in the outside mirrors to determine your position on the road. If you can do that and have a stable lane, you can take narrower roads or increase your speed to 80km/h.
Also train your foresight. Let the car roll out each time before entering a town, in order to be at 50km/h in time. Remember: At the height of the signal, the new maximum speed already counts.

These were the main traffic situations in Sins that you need to know. If you want to take driving lessons with us in Sins, you can book a lesson directly here. From 75 minutes lesson, we will come to get you if possible.