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In our (learning-) laboratory we look for the ideal recipe for good driving lessons. We use didactic lubricants such as feedback. We train this systematically to perfection because it has a high learning effect when learning motor skills. Another (learning-)explosive tool has proven to be the  productive failure  highlighted. This is particularly important in driving lessons in order to develop enthusiasm for driving.

I hope we can find the right mix for you in our laboratory cabinet. And don’t worry: If you’re working on Test anxiety respectively If you suffer from driving anxiety , you are in the very best hands with us. Our experienced team specializes in this and looks forward to every challenge. Our method case is full of effective resources.

By the way: If you have any feedback, something bothered you or you want to contact me directly, I’m looking forward to your message. Write me personally at natalie(at)drivelab.ch. Feel free to leave me your phone number. Your satisfaction is very important to me. – Natalie Maag, Master of Arts, PH Zurich

Natalie Maag, managing director
Natalie Maag laboratory
Qadar Abdirahman, intern
Dario Lichtensteiger, driving instructor
Andrea Moesch, Praktikantin
our vehicles

With us you learn with a Tesla Model 3. Read here, which is why it is a good idea to do the training with this car.
After passing the exam, you can of course also drive manually. You can still practice with us on your car after the test in order to gain more security.

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