Steinhausen Driving School – Book your driving lesson

It makes a lot of sense to start your driving lesson in Steinhausen. This way you start directly in the test area around the Steinhausen road traffic office and don’t lose valuable time in the driving lesson with the journey. In most cases, we can pick you up in Steinhausen for a lesson length of 75 minutes or more. To be on the safe side, you can of course write to us in advance.

In the driving lesson, an exciting practice area awaits you in Steinhausen. You can find some of them below.

You can book driving lessons in Steinhausen right here:

45 minutes

CHF 94
  • Short lesson on repetition
  • Insurance included
  • Learning videos for preparation

75 minutes

CHF 150
  • To deal with a new topic or to simulate an exam
  • Insurance included
  • Learning videos for preparation
Save CHF 7.50

90 minutes

CHF 174
  • Make great progress with intense training
  • Insurance included
  • Learning videos for preparation
Save CHF 14.-

In order to better prepare you for your learning journeys at the driving school in Steinhausen, here are some important traffic situations where you need to be particularly focused.

Read the description well and, if you can, prepare in private study sessions. This will make it easier for you at the driving school.

Kreiselhausen (Roundabout village)

Steinhausen is full of traffic circles. It is therefore perfect to train the sense of traffic in driving school. Unlike traffic signals, you usually do not have to stop here and can look for a gap in the traffic yourself. You will learn to estimate the speed of other cars and adjust your speed accordingly.


Blickensdorferstrasse is very often underestimated. For these, in fact, special planning is needed, since bottlenecks come directly behind right-of-way. Therefore, start observing early. Look far ahead into oncoming traffic to plan your passage in the bottleneck. Also, keep an eye on both sides of the pedestrian crossing. Besides school, it often has children who come along faster. By the way, the right of way in the bottleneck is not regulated when two cars cross at the same time. You can demonstrate your friendliness with hand signals, or if you think you can make it through the bottleneck a little sooner, indicate with a turn signal that you’re about to go through.


Few rim posts have been replaced as often as the one at Schochermühle. Strictly speaking, this one is not in Steinhausen at all, but in Zug. We have nevertheless listed Schochermühlestrasse under Steinhausen because you can easily reach it from Steinhausen. The curvy road is a particular sticking point because it can get a bit tight with two-way bus traffic. Therefore, look far ahead and try to adapt your speed to the road. Especially at the light signal you have to drive slowly and use the space well. Be aware of the space you have left to the center line. Do not under any circumstances look at the edge post as you drive past it. Otherwise, this must be replaced again. 🙂

These were the 3 most important traffic situations in Steinhausen that you need to know. If you want to take driving lessons with us in Steinhausen, you can here book a lesson directly. After the 75 minute lesson we will be happy to pick you up if possible. Let us know if you want to train an area specifically.