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When you take the car test in Zug, you have to show that you are able to prepare for safe driving before the test. This includes the preparation and technical control of the vehicle, taking into account road safety. To test this, the Category B exam begins with car-related questions. You draw a question card and answer it to the best of your ability.

You will find the answer to almost all questions in the manufacturer’s operating instructions. So here. But so that you don’t have to search for the next two weeks, we have the solutions for you here. You probably know most of the answers from our VKU.

Possible questions:

Du übernimmst ein unbekanntes Fahrzeug. Was kontrollierst du vor der Benutzung des Fahrzeuges?

The external condition: all lights must be clean and working. The tires must be in good condition and have 1.6mm tread depth (in winter at least 4mm is recommended). If it doesn’t have tire pressure sensors, or they are defective, you can find a tire pressure chart in the driver’s door and then add the pressure accordingly at the gas station. The discs must be clean. The vehicle registration card must be present and match the vehicle. This can be matched with the chassis number. You can find this in the vehicle registration card and at the bottom right under the windshield.

Was ist zu tun, wenn im Armaturenbrett eine rote oder eine gelbe Warnlampe leuchtet?

Red: Stop immediately and correct the error. A corresponding note is shown on the display. In addition, you can find more information about the problem in the vehicle owner’s manual. Possible example: No oil pressure because the oil pump has failed.

Yellow: You can continue to drive carefully. The problem should be fixed as soon as possible. Possible example: windshield wiper water empty.

Wie viele Personen dürfen in diesem Fahrzeug mitgeführt werden?

You can find this in the vehicle registration document under number 27. So 5 persons.

Die Kategorie B (Autoprüfung) berechtigt dich zum Mitführen von maximal wie vielen Personen? Was ist das maximal zulässige Gesamtgewicht?

9 people including you and the total weight is maximum 3’500kg.

Wo füllst du das Scheibenwischwasser nach? Welche Flüssigkeiten hat es sonst noch im Auto?

The filler neck for the windshield wiper water is located at the front under the hood. You open it at the screen on the left side by pressing on the hood of the car.

Otherwise, there are the brake fluid and steering oil, which should only be refilled by the mechanic. Engine oil and engine coolant do not exist in an electric car.

Du bist auf der Strasse unterwegs und es fängt stark an zu regnen. Das Wasser sammelt sich auf der Windschutzscheibe. Was unternimmst du?

You switch the wipers by voice control, or when the car is stationary, you open the wiper menu by pressing the left button. There you can then set the speed of the wiper or go to automatic mode.
For the windshield wiper washer, just press the left button a little harder.

In addition, in heavy rain, drive at an appropriate speed and with the lights on. You switch on the fog light when visibility is less than 50 meters.

Du hast einen Unfall oder eine Panne. Was unternimmst du?

Save 1st digit
2.alert if necessary (in case of injured/danger)
3.provide emergency assistance when necessary
4.inform towing service (The electric car cannot be towed. It must be loaded onto the truck)

Du hast beim parkieren einen Kratzer an einem anderen Auto gemacht. Was unternimmst du?

I am trying to locate and contact the owner. If that doesn’t work, I contact the police and file a report. This will prevent me from being charged with hit and run.

Welche Lichter kennst du beim Auto

  • Low beam for night and poor visibility or in tunnels
  • Parking light for stopping at the road at night. For example in front of a railroad crossing (So that your car is seen)
  • High beam for out of town at night when no one is approaching (push the lever forward on the left)
  • In the menu on the left under “Lighting” after you press the brake (vehicle on) and then turn on the low beam, you can turn on the fog light and rear fog light. This must be switched on when visibility is less than 50 meters.
  • Warning lights can be found on the headliner
  • The brake light switches on automatically when braking or recuperating (releasing the accelerator pedal). (If you want to smart-ass: From a deceleration of 2m/s squared) 🙂
Driving school vehicle registration card

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