CHF174.60 90 minutes


✔ Includes insurance & administrative fees

Fast-track your learning by booking a double lesson today. In 90 minutes, you can perform multiple exercises consecutively, maintaining a seamless learning experience. Plan what you want to focus on and get ready with the help of our videos: https://drivelab.ch/videos

If you’d like to begin your lesson somewhere other than Zug train station, please let us know in advance. We’ll gladly pick you up within the Zug area if feasible, and can initiate the driving lesson at any of the following locations:

  • Baar
  • Aegeri
  • Steinhausen
  • Blickensdorf
  • Menzingen
  • Knonau
  • Mettmenstetten
  • Rotkreuz
  • Sins
  • Cham
  • Hagedorn
  • Hunenberg
If our schedule does not permit, the driving lesson will start at Zug train station:

Upon booking, you’ll receive additional important information about your driving lesson.


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