Terms of Service

Terms of Service


Platform: DriveLab GmbH, Rotwandstrasse 67, 8004 Zurich

Phone: +41 76 237 13 07  Mail: info@drivelab.ch


The contract comes into force upon registration and  ends automatically after passing the practical exam. The above  Driving school undertakes to provide the learner driver under the following  Conditions to offer proper and proper training,  which meet the requirements of the Swiss Road Traffic Act for  Approval of people for road traffic corresponds.

When attending a driving lesson, a driver’s test or a course, you must bring an official proof of identity, a valid driver’s license and a learner’s license for the relevant category. If the student does not have it with them, the training cannot take place. The student is responsible for the costs. DriveLab GmbH must be informed immediately if the driver’s or learner’s license is withdrawn. If a booking has to be canceled outside the deadline, the costs will be borne by the student.


The driving instructor who is training is in possession of the driving instructor license to be issued  from commercial driving lessons and the training is carried out according to the  carry out the latest didactic knowledge. The completion of the  The apprenticeship contract does not guarantee that the  Driver’s license.


The lessons for practical driving lessons come with a for  equipped driving school vehicle. This can be equipped with dashcams and interior cameras. The pictures may be sent to the vehicle manufacturer. The learner driver and the driving school agree to use the images to establish factual evidence. This is for the security of the parties. It can be used in individual cases  of a conventional vehicle (service, breakdown, etc.) The tariff per  Lesson doesn’t diminish because of it.


A driving lesson (also called a driving lesson) lasts 45 minutes. It consists of: greeting, putting the vehicle into operation, adjusting the seat and mirrors, orientation, instructions, practical driving and a final discussion.


The current tariff on the website of the respective driving school applies. A driving lesson can be canceled free of charge up to 48 hours before it begins. In the event of a later cancellation, there is no right to a refund.

If the learner driver shows up too late, the duration of the driving lesson will be charged. If you have any doubts about your ability to drive (due to tiredness, poor concentration, medication or drugs), the lesson can be canceled at any time and without a refund.


The vehicle is insured for all driving lessons booked. The driving school pays the excess. If there are signs of gross negligence, the driving school reserves the right to regret.

No claim is made on normal wear and tear, for example discoloration of the seats.

DriveLab GmbH can change the general terms and conditions at any time.