CHF126.00 60 minutes


Exam requirements for the car exam

  • Correct, largely automated vehicle operation
  • Driving style that takes into account the concerns of environmental protection with regard to noise and exhaust gases
  • Early recognition of dangerous situations and appropriate behavior
  • Use of the road and lanes in accordance with regulations
  • Correct behavior when inserting into traffic, when lane, turning and when changing lanes
  • Differentiated driving style; Speed adapted to the road, traffic and visibility conditions
  • Prospective driving on branches while observing appropriate precautionary measures
  • Appropriate handling of the right of way
  • Adequate distance when driving side by side and behind each other
  • Correct behavior at pedestrian crossings as well as towards public transport and their passengers
  • Consideration for others, especially weaker road users
  • Correct and sensible overtaking
  • Driving on motorways and highways with awareness of the special conditions
  • Observe the signals and floor markings as well as the police instructions
  • Independent driving according to signposts
  • Securing the vehicle on inclines and slopes
  • Turning using a driveway, etc.
  • Reverse, straight ahead and cornering
  • Parking, forwards and backwards, between vehicles that are at right angles, diagonally or parallel to the edge of the road
  • Execution of the maneuvers without obstruction to traffic; appropriate corrections


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