Driving school Aegeri

Learn to drive with DriveLab in the Aegeri Valley. For many of the exercises in the driving school, Unterägeri and Oberägeri offer very good conditions. Especially in the beginning, when it comes to vehicle operation and good vehicle control, winding roads, large parking lots and low-traffic roads are ideal.

Book driving lesson in Ägeri

If you want to take a driving lesson with us in Ägeri, you can book it here. It’s best to write us in advance so we can schedule time. For the first driving lesson we recommend Zug as a meeting point, because there are the better possibilities for the first driving lesson.

To learn to drive quickly and safely, it’s also worth practicing privately. Here we show you some situations which are suitable for private learning trips. So you are well prepared for the driving school in Ägeri.

Parking lot church Unterägeri

In Unterägeri the Parking forward, Reverse parking or also the Parking sidewaysbest to practice directly at the church. Here you will almost always find a free parking space. In the lower part it also has longitudinal parking. When practicing, make sure you don’t make early and unnecessary corrections. You should learn to steer while reversing. In most cases, frequent repetitions are necessary to improve. Therefore, plan a lot of time. Your co-driver does not have to sit next to you during maneuver exercises. Sometimes you can practice something better when you are by yourself. However, we recommend that you learn how to park properly in driving school beforehand.


In Unterägeri there are many neighborhood streets which are suitable for turning. For example, drive around the sports field Chruzelen. The route does not have to be varied. When turning, you mainly need a good automatism in the beginning. This one you should train to perfection with repetitions. It’s more of a hindrance if you have to search for the way. Later you can practice turning on wider roads. In the process, toe-in is added.

Driving curves rates

The Ratenstrasse from Oberägeri is ideal for driving around bends. Don’t practice this until you get used to the width of the car and feel really confident with the vehicle controls. Better start slowly. This way you can develop a sense of momentum. You should always be done with braking at the entrance to the corner. Hitting that braking point correctly takes a lot of practice. Also, make sure that you feel a slight centrifugal force in the turn, which is still comfortable. Accelerate again at the exit of the curve.

These were the 3 most important practice areas in Aegeri that you need to know. If you want to take driving lessons with us in Ägeri, you can book a lesson with DriveLab Fahrschule Zug directly here. Feel free to let us know if you want to train an area specifically.

Don’t forget to visit the VKU. Mut our sub-active VKU in Zug you can look forward to an entertaining and exciting course.