Mettmenstetten Driving School

Driving lessons in Mettmenstetten offer many opportunities for maneuvers and driving practice. With a driving lesson in Mettmenstetten you are also driving in a possible examination area of the Strassenverkehrsamt Kanton Zug. Of course you can

Driving lessons from Mettmenstetten

If you want to start a driving class in Mettmenstetten, please write us in advance. If we’re close by, we’ll be happy to pick you up.

75 minutes

CHF 150
  • To deal with a new topic or to simulate an exam
  • Insurance included
  • Learning videos for preparation
Save CHF 7.50

90 minutes

CHF 174
  • Make great progress with intense training
  • Insurance included
  • Learning videos for preparation
Save CHF 14.-

Before we drive to Mettmenstetten in the driving lesson, you can prepare yourself for the most important situations here.

If you have the opportunity: Practice with your private car in Mettmenstetten and surroundings. You should definitely visit the following places. They are great for learning how to drive a car. This way you are perfectly prepared for the driving school in Mettmenstetten.

Mettmenstetten train station 

Here at Mettmenstetten station you can practice parking very well. Most of the time there is little traffic. To do this, it has enough space for forward parking in a train. It is best to repeat this until perfection.

Turn around

 In Mettmenstetten you can also practice turning very well. This is a supreme discipline in driving school. This maneuver shows the independence of the student drivers. That’s why it’s so important. Thereby the  accompanying person should announce the maneuver spontaneously. Then look for a quieter side street. As usual, start early with observation and blinking. This way, following traffic knows that you are looking for a suitable driveway. Before turning, see if it makes sense to make a U-turn on this side street. Because there are often driving bans in neighborhood streets. If the side street is suitable, you drive in and turn around.

These were the main traffic situations in Mettmenstetten that you need to know. If you want to take driving lessons with us in Mettmenstetten, you can book a lesson directly here for the car test in Zug or here for the test in Zurich. From a 75 minute appointment, we will be happy to pick you up if possible.