CHF126.00 60 minutes


🌟 Top preparation for your exam – the secret to success 🌟

Get your exam preparation right! Every moment counts during the hot phase. The “flow” is your best friend 🌊. Therefore: book your driving lessons early enough to start the test with mega self-confidence 🚗💨. Do you feel ready ahead of time? No problem, you can easily and free of charge cancel your driving lessons up to 24 hours in advance.
A hot tip: take a warm-up driving lesson in Rapperswil immediately before your test to feel on the same wavelength as the car 🚘💕.

Check the official exam requirements here:

Test requirements from the Road Traffic Office for the car test

        • Smooth and automated control of your vehicle 🕹️
        • Eco-friendly cruising – think about noise and exhaust fumes 🌱
        • Recognizing risks early on and reacting smartly 🧐
        • Correct use of lanes and traffic lanes 🛣️
        • Clever threading, turning and lane changing 🔄
        • Adapted speed for all road conditions 🚦
        • Anticipatory driving at junctions and more caution 🚧
        • Sovereign right of way handling 🚸
        • Keep enough distance, always and everywhere 📏
        • Top behavior at crosswalks and on public transport 🚌
        • Consideration for other road users, especially the faint-hearted 🐥
        • Skillful overtaking with brains 🏎️💨
        • Conscious driving on highways and expressways 🛣️✨
        • Pay attention to signals, ground markings and police instructions 👮
        • Independent driving according to signposts 🧭
        • Park the car safely on uphill and downhill slopes 🔒
        • Clever turning with driveway use and more 🔄
        • Reversing, straight ahead and around the bend 🔄
        • Park like a pro, in all possible angles and positions 🅿️
        • Stress-free maneuvers for you and others; smart corrections when needed 🛠️

Before you can get started, don’t forget to complete the VKU 📚🚦

As soon as that’s done, I’ll take care of your appointments and customize everything perfectly for you. The invitation to the test will then be sent directly from your local road traffic office 📬. And don’t forget: There is a small fee of CHF 134 for the practical driving test or test drive 💸.


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