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To strengthen our team we are looking for driving instructors with a lot of drive in the region of Zurich and Zug. In our (learning) laboratory, we develop the didactic concepts of tomorrow’s driving school. For example, with self-directed learning, which is facilitated by insightful video tutorials coupled with our online booking system is promoted. Furthermore, we live a positive feedback culture, which encourages our students and spurs them on to achieve their best.
You also have the choice between an employment relationship or a freelance contract.

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Advantages with employment contract

  • No operating risk
  • Company car (Tesla) for private use
  • 5 weeks vacation a year
  • Above average compensation

  • Social security and sustainable pension fund (Nest Foundation)
  • Steep learning curve in driving school didactics
  • Further training is paid for by DriveLab
  • Pensum selectable
  • Free division of labor
  • Using our interface for student sheets
  • Change to freelancer model possible

Advantages as a freelancer

  • Free division of labor
  • Less administrative effort due to online booking
  • Car leasing possible via DriveLab
  • Marketing support through DriveLab
  • You can continue to operate your driving school
  • Branding only from 20 lessons/week
  • In-house support for the website
  • Free pricing
  • Own service catalog
  • You can hire staff and have them booked through DriveLab as well
  • You can open branches in your region

Note: Only experienced driving instructors with a track record can be considered as freelancers. Quality is our priority over expansion.


How much does a driving instructor earn in Switzerland?

According to the salary calculator, driving instructors with 30 years and 5 years of professional experience earn an average of CHF 5,630 in Zurich. This applies to a 42-hour week. At DriveLab, the salary is significantly above average.

Average wage driving instructor

How do I become a driving instructor:in in Switzerland?


  • You must have completed a 3-year apprenticeship or equivalent training program
  • You need 2 years of work experience in any profession
  • Possession of the permanent driver’s license for at least 3 years
  • Cab test (BPT, code 121)

Then you can register for the course at a driving instructor school. This costs about CHF 20,000. This already includes the federal contribution of CHF 9,500. The driving instructor training lasts 1-2 years. Content

  • B 1: Learning processes
  • B 2: Communication and learning atmosphere
  • B 3: Legal basics, planning and implementing learning events
  • B 4: Automotive engineering and physics, training planning
  • B 5: Traffic sense formation
  • B 6: Behavior in traffic, training planning of practical driving lessons.
  • B 7: Training internship

Can I work as a German driving instructor in Switzerland?

As a rule, module B3 on the legal basis in Switzerland must be made up in order to obtain Swiss driving instructor recognition. This includes a learning time of 120 hours (16 days).

Is the job of driving instructor recommendable?

The profession is one of the most beautiful of all. You’re always on the go and time flies. You’re sitting by the heat and yet you’re outside. As with all service professions, the job is never just “done.” There is always the next opportunity to make it even better. In this way, professional experience can be fully utilized and is usually rewarded with very great gratitude. The clientele is mostly young and very uncomplicated. There is a “you” culture and a collegial atmosphere among driving instructors.

Does the profession of driving instructor have a future?

That pretty much depends on how autonomous driving goes. As in many other professions, digitalization will also change things for driving instructors.Compared to other professional certificates, the training imparts few cross-professional skills. Module B1, for example, lacks recognition for the SVEB 1 certificate. This must be made up with an additional 4 days. The training also does not specifically prepare students for further education at a higher technical college.

What makes a good driving instructor?

After each training course, we evaluate together with the student what was particularly appreciated about the driving training. Our feedback culture, flexibility and professionalism (expertise) are mentioned particularly frequently. Our understanding of a great service is also to show a lot of appreciation and patience to the student drivers. We try to always answer requests very quickly and respond to requests.

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