Driving school Affoltern am Albis – Book your appointment

Affoltern am Albis offers very good opportunities to learn how to drive. In the driving lesson we will definitely find the appropriate exercises that fit your learning level. To prepare you, we have listed some traffic situations below.

Driving lessons from Affoltern am Albis

For driving lessons of 75 minutes or more, the driving instructor is happy to pick you up at a location in Affoltern am Albis if possible. For shorter lessons, we tend to recommend a meeting place that is more in the testing area. It is best to write us a message in advance. This way we can tell you if a pickup is possible.

Here you can book your driving lesson directly:

45 minutes

CHF 94
  • Short lesson on repetition
  • Insurance included
  • Learning videos for preparation

75 minutes

CHF 150
  • To deal with a new topic or to simulate an exam
  • Insurance included
  • Learning videos for preparation
Save CHF 7.50

90 minutes

CHF 174
  • Make great progress with intense training
  • Insurance included
  • Learning videos for preparation
Save CHF 14.-

Here you will find the 3 best places in Affoltern am Albis to prepare for driving school.

During your practice phase, it is always useful if you know some good places. It is best to visit them when there is little traffic. Also, plan enough time to do lots of repetitions. This will help you develop the necessary automatisms.

Traffic circles

Affoltern am Albis is worthwhile for the driving school mainly because of the numerous traffic circles. They are the perfect way to train your traffic sense. To practice many of them in a small space, it’s best to drive between Unterdorf and Obfelderstrasse. Watch our video to learn how to drive through the traffic circle correctly.

Pedestrian zone

Drive through the upper Bahnhofstrasse towards the train station to practice the pedestrian zone. Remember that the maximum speed allowed is only 20km/h. Pedestrians have the right of way when they want to cross the road. In addition, pay attention to the many rights advances. Often the slow speed leads to insecurity.

Parking lateral

In the old Hedingerstrasse you can often find a good parking space. Watch our video on parking sideways and practice the maneuver often. This way you can develop a good feeling for the room and try out the corrections.

These were the most important traffic situations in Affoltern am Albis that you need to know. If you want to take driving lessons with us in Affoltern am Albis, you can book directly with DriveLab Zug here or with DriveLab Zurich here. Feel free to let us know if you want to train a situation specifically