Driving School Dietikon – Start the driver training according to your taste. Insurance costs included. No subscriptions with binding. The meeting point for the driving school is at the Dietikon train station. If you want to go through the driving school intensively, you can book your appointments up to a month in advance. If you should be prevented for one day, that doesn’t matter. At DriveLab you can cancel up to 48 hours in advance.

45 minutes

CHF 94
  • Short lesson on repetition
  • Insurance included
  • Learning videos for preparation

75 minutes

CHF 150
  • To deal with a new topic or to simulate an exam
  • Insurance included
  • Learning videos for preparation
Save CHF 7.50

90 minutes

CHF 174
  • Make great progress with intense training
  • Insurance included
  • Learning videos for preparation
Save CHF 14.-

Like a pro

Book an exam

CHF 196 - 100 minutes

Availabilities can change quickly. If you want to plan your exam, the last two weeks before the exam is very important. Reserve all of your appointments ahead of time to make sure that you can do enough driving school in that time. You can still change or cancel the appointments afterwards.

Meeting point: The driving lessons start at Dietikon train station

The meeting point is particularly suitable because it is central and we can quickly reach the communities of Regensdorf, Weiningen, Urdorf and Schlieren in the driving lesson. These areas offer many exciting traffic situations to practice. On request, we will be happy to pick you up nearby for a long lesson. Just write us in advance so that we can plan it.

Have fun booking your driving lessons. See you soon! – Your DriveLab driving school Dietikon

If something doesn’t work, you can contact us at any time. We are happy to assist you with the booking. Also prepare yourself with the Videos to the Driving School Dietikon for the driving lessons.